The Pitch Perfect 2Premiere!

Hi Everyone!

This is my OFFICIAL Website…I appreciate that so many fans have built sites, but since I want you to make sure you’re really reaching out to ME, you’ll see I posted this site and all of my official info in the photo gallery and on my instagram (@kk22xo).

So…A little bit about me and my family:

I am the newest dancer on Lifetime’s Dance Moms.  I’m 9-years-old. You’ve probably seen my mom Jill on the show. I also have a great dad; his name is Erno and he is a salesman and awesome (He also taught me to play a mean game of tennis!  I have two awesome older sisters, Ryleigh and Charlotte.  I’m from Pittsburgh and  I danced at Studio 19 Dance Complex before I came to The Abby Lee Dance Company last year. I feel REALLY lucky to study with Miss Abby. She may be tough, but she’s an amazing teacher.

I don’t have a Facebook and even though I have a Twitter I don’t use it much! I really like all kinds of dance; but my favorite style of dance to perform is Contemporary.  MY favorite thing about dance is learning new choreography creating my own choreography.  I also love to play tennis (but I don’t have much time to play because of dance).  When I grow up, I want to be on Broadway, but if I don’t dance, maybe I’ll be a dentist.

I really appreciate everyone watching the show and I hope you’ll check back often to hear what I’m up to!




PS- Oh, the K really just stands for “K” – It’s to honor my mom’s sister’s daughters (my cousins), Kiley and Kara!

You can follow me on:

Twitter: @kk_vertes

Instagram @kk22xo